Monday, June 1, 2009

Down on the Farm

I thought I would post some pictures from our busy, beautiful Memorial Day Weekend on the farm. We spent a whole four days dusk 'til dawn planting, hopefully, our soon-to-be fields. Lyle got all the corn planted while he had time off from work. We wouldn't have gotten it done as fast if it weren't for Alex learning to operate the tractor and cultivator & disc, we appreciated his help! Sometimes I don't know what Lyle would do without him now a days! I think the guys appreciated all the lunches & suppers Elsie & I brought them too! Elsie even got to "help" dad plant the fields. Here are some pictures from our picnics and of her first tractor ride which she couldn't get enough of. A true farm girl in the making :-) Enjoy!

Everytime Lyle would get to the end rows, Elsie would try running out to him
saying "Da da da da!"

I loved this :-) So mesmorized by her father & the big tractor!

Eating our ham & cheese sandwhiches at our picnic in the field!

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