Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Beautiful Spring Days!

Hey all! Just writing to update! I am on spring break right now and it has been fantastic! Although I have put off the pile of homework due for next week, so i'm sure the weekend will be a little stressful :-) But this beautiful weather has just been too good to pass up and spend inside! Elsie LOVES being outside! We have probably walked many miles this week so far- up and down the lane many times around 2-3 times (maybe 4!) a day and walking with dad on the farm! When we are inside Elsie stands by the screen door looking outside just waiting until our next venture out!! True farm girl :-) I also have to note that Elsie has turned into SUCH an active and social little girl! She has been nothing but a happy baby the last few weeks just chattering away and even taking her first steps!

We have loved spending our days outdoors. Now I'm getting anxious about planting our vegetable garden, planting flowers, filling up the pool, going golfing, and all the fun things spring brings! It's even more exciting to bring Elsie out to her second summer and introduce her to new fun things!

Her and that tongue!

I had to put this one up because every dog on the farm goes on walks with us- our "big Lily" is in front of me and Betoven and Grumpy are behind me, along with "little Lily" on the leash- they love the walks, too!

A few cows posing for us along our walk :-)