Saturday, December 27, 2008

It's the most wonderful time of the year!

We hope everyone had a very Merry Christmas!

It was our first Christmas with our little girl. It was quite an interesting experience! It seemed to be either crying or laughing- no in between!

Our first stop was the Ciesielski Christmas where we visit every year on Christmas Eve. We always look forward to the fun and excitement there with an ever growing family full of kids running around and saying the funniest things! Elsie enjoyed the excitement as well, although when it came time for her normal 'bedtime' she refused to even think about sleeping- although we both knew that was exactly what she needed by the signals she normally gives us! It was like she knew if she went to sleep she would miss something! She did enjoy her gifts though and sitting on Dad's lap.

We then stayed the night at Grandpa John's and Paula's in Jesup. Elsie went right to bed- finally worn out! We had a delicious breakfast and opened up gifts in the morning. We all seemed to make out well with our gifts, but the toybox Grandpa made was by far the coolest! Elsie liked to stand and play in it! It is something that will always be special to her and she can use it for many things throughout her life. We are looking forward to the many more things Grandpa will make for us!

After we came home on Christmas day, we celebrated together as our own little family. Dad was excited about the air compressor with air nailers and tool chest, and Mom enjoyed the picture printer and serving dishes. Elsie couldn't quite figure out what to do with her presents. She mostly liked chewing on them! She did enjoy her first sippy cup though and crawling around with her santa hat on. We got Elsie her first Bible with a note written by us inside the front cover.

Later that night we went to the McIntosh Christmas at Luke and Andrea's new house in Waverly. It was a great time! Their HUGE (and I mean huge!) living room and dining room areas made it fun for all of the little ones to move around and play with one another. I am hoping to get a family picture soon to post on here. Overall, we had a great Christmas spent with those we love most. We are blessed to have a wonderful family who enjoy spending time with creating memories to last a lifetime.
We have another Christmas coming up over the weekend, but have been glad to have a few days in between to relax and recooperate a little bit!

Tuesday, December 23, 2008

Welcome to our blog!

I decided to finally create a blog for our family. Instead of clogging up your e-mail inbox with lots of pictures and the latest update on what is happening in our lives, now you may come here if you wish to see what we have been up to. I will do my best to update on a regular basis!!