Thursday, May 14, 2009

First peek at the new McIntosh baby!

I had the opportunity to get a few ultrasounds the past week in the clinic. A doctor there is doing some research and asked some women if they would participate in a free ultrasound around 13 weeks. I said of course, I would love to get a peek at the little one- especially since I can't feel anything yet- it seems to really make it seem "real" then :-). The doctor didn't get the exact reading she needed from the first ultrasound Monday, so I went back today and got another one (i'm exactly 14 weeks today). It's so amazing what has already developed! I thought i'd post some pics for you to enjoy of our new little bundle of joy on the inside :-)

Side profile of head-cute little nose and round face already :-) haha


Playing with fingers- almost sucking thumb in this picture (today he/she kept playing with their little hands and even gave us a thumbs up sign at one point! so funny!)

Elsie taking a look at her new brother or sister!

She was so excited to see the new "ba-ba" on the screen (baby) haha.

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